Zenodo - PHP Framework and Content Management System
Zenodo provides a reliable system to effortlessly
delivery a quality experience to users and the public.

Zenodo is a PHP framework and content management system capable of supporting common requirements for a vast array of solutions. From the common website, ecommerce solution and social blog, right up to advanced business-level websites and private systems for remote or internal use, Zenodo delivers.

Developers have unlimited freedom with access to the core functionality of Zenodo, allowing rapid development and quick, resourceful debugging and error handling throughout development and live operation.

Formerly Frontend CMS, Zenodo has been rewritten from the ground up to not only handle the fundamental requirements of content management in the easiest possible way, but also extend it's power to control the detailed specifics of any solution in the simplest manner.

Zenodo's partner management system, Zenodo Control, enhances productivity even further with robust tools for managing and distributing multiple installations, perfect for web developers and creative studios looking for a solution to maintain multiple clients with unbeatable ease.